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International trade can open your business to lots of new opportunities, yet it can be complex and open to risk. The training and development of your people is extremely important and Trade and Export Online offers you a scalable and easy to access suite of over 45 online learning modules that will help you to grow your business overseas:

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Learn about trade and export in your own time and at your own pace:

One great learning solution for everybody

For Individuals
  • Improve professional skills
  • Enhance your CV
  • Add value to your clients
  • Learn on the go
For Businesses
  • Develop skills from within
  • Improve customer experience
  • Evidence competence
  • Attract more business
For Students
  • Learn about trade & export
  • Get ready for interviews
  • Understand trade basics
  • Encourage entrepreneurship
For Banks
  • Enhance work performance
  • Engage and motivate
  • Improve employee autonomy
  • Add value to your proposition
Chambers of Commerce
  • Add value to your members
  • Boost trade & export
  • Facilitate business growth
  • Support local economies
For Trade Associations
  • Scalable across businesses
  • Add value to members
  • Support Trade & Export
  • Promote a learning culture
Government Bodies
  • Understand the market
  • Develop relationships
  • Access specialist knowledge
  • Evidence based learning

Trade & Export Online Is A Mark Of Quality

Learn more about this great trade and export solution:


"Supported by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce"

"The learning has enabled me to look far more professional in my business"

"As a bank, we take our advice and guidance seriously enough to train our advisors"

"Our knowledge of this will show clients that we truly understand trade and export"

"I thought the course was excellent"

"The monthly newsletter is informative and up to date"

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