About Us

In 2007, we launched the first online trade and export qualification (CITA) with the Institute of Export. Over the next 10 years, hundreds of professional advisors completed their qualifications and enhanced their personal and professional development. Fast forward to 2017, and CITA has now become Trade & Export Online - a low cost online learning solution for those who want to learn about import and export.


We started Trade & Export Online with the ambition to help educate the world. Our aim is to create the best possible online learning experience that works for both businesses and their people. Having seen years of bad and expensive online learning, we were determined that workplace learning should no longer be a chore. Instead we wanted to develop something that empowered the workforce and made a positive change in their lives as well as for the businesses within which they work.


For the last few years, we have been working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of learners to develop and deliver engaging online learning that is reminding people why they love learning. In this time, we have gone from strength to strength, winning awards, creating new and innovative tools to benefit our learning community and working with businesses of all sizes. In the digital space, size does not matter and the solution that we have built is low cost and available to all.


Thank you for your interest, whether you are a business owner, an individual or have a need to improve workplace skills then we have a solution that is right for you - we'd love to have you on board.


Welcome to Trade & Export Online - reignite your passion for learning!


Tom Wood