Trade & Export online is delivered entirely online. This means that learners do not have to leave the business to attend face to face training, nor do they have to book and travel to far away examination centres. The format is pretty simple. For every module, you must first complete a 10 question gap analysis assessment. This will allow you to benchmark your starting knowledge and indicate how much study that you really need to do to raise your professional standards.


On completion of this gap analysis, the learning material will unlock which allows you to begin your studies. The course is split into over 45 units.


When you have successfully completed your study, you will be able to re-take the initial gap analysis assessment to see how much you have improved and to give you more confidence in your day to day business.


Every time that you successfully complete and pass a module, you will be issued with a digital badge to help you evidence your knowledge.


Remember, short sprints are important. All the units on Trade & Export Online are engaging and delivered in separate computer based learning modules. This allows you to dip in and dip out at times when you may want to break up the working day and keep yourself motivated. You can even design your own learning plan and set your own target deadlines.



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